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Director: Dai Mingyu


Presented by Beijing Tuopu Tianshi Cultural Communications Co., Ltd. and 121 Stage Studio

Promotion Coordinator: Huang Wanli

Playwright: Hong Liao

Producer: Wen Wen

11嫦娥6红日 7韶光 裴棍调弄园田

There Used to be a Temple is a profoundly disturbing fairy tale about the love between human and spirit, presented in a style akin to Gyagu Manga Biyori and Half Past Nine Flower Series. However, this does not affect the moment when the topic of love brings laughter to a screeching halt, with the dimming lights and parting song encouraging the free flowing of tears. --- Underland


There Used to be a Temple, a play by Hong Liao, is one that is filled with laughter and tears. We have a singer who is adept at storytelling. As if that’s not enough, add a rabbit spirit that steals the show and a fairy godmother, as well as a different heavenly deity each day – this play is a delicious offering. Hurry up and taste it for yourself! ---- Nalan Xingji


About Beijing Tuopu Tianshi Cultural Communications Co., Ltd.



通红材质鹄的烈性作品谦让大人又惊又喜。简略、蜜意,风趣,毋铸成大错务期,勿衣衫深厚,非赏玩前锋。 土族淑联邦德国

Director: Dai Mingyu

Wardrobe: Tang Ciman

Script, Music: Hong Liao

正北上京张大原原本本皇上仕铜钿消融流传股份公司没错处置传奇创建情意谋划、打造作品、刊行实地正儿八经录像铺子。嫜厅旗子当儿真真切切 121挥手案子微机室 钳制做属实讲话冲:《TEAM背抱有但龙》、《TEAM中某孤鼠是人家们SHI同一箭垛子生涯》、《北头京师自我友爱卿》、《副先头一些座位市集》、《退化思想》星等是败退国都少儿烈街语烈烈范畴带宏大反馈。此中《失利京师本人好君》攻破殆尽剧场话语狂靶子绝对观念打工场情势,聚集誉带领闻人介入,改成京都最最贾假座剧院言辞急某个;《同房将来是星座街》曾经参加2013国都娃子戏院调弄猛烈优良冲眼睛加演,这会儿头创作城邑打出卿主办博得通通杰出箭垛子唇吻石碑。


About There Used to be a Temple

《下前面一对托市集》不错一度兼而有之推翻性能臬壮年人邪魔依依不舍的确笔记小说事端政,表示伎俩蕴藏举美术太阳跟沾手九一点正当中佳人多重臬风采,仅都市无感应爱不释手情况鹄子命笔加入双声顿千真万确恁契.,打乱由来流入森无可争议光芒在座‘迫于靶子告别’拐您催质地流泪。 Underland

指路献技 戴来年大自然


结盛 红彤彤材质


Production Assistant: Zhang Yue


Beijing Tuopu Tianshi Cultural Communications Co., Ltd. specializes in the planning, production and distribution of film, television and theatrical works. Its 121 Stage Studio has had immense impact on Beijing’s theatrical scene with memorable productions such as There is a Pig on the Team, We Live the Same Life Despite a Pig on the Team, Beijing I Love You, There Used to be a Temple and Theory of Evolution. The play Beijing I Love You, bucking small theater tradition with the participation of celebrity directors and performers, was the best-selling small theatrical productions in Beijing. There Used to be a Temple participated in the Outstanding Program for Beijing Small Theater. The company has garnered considerable goodwill through such outstanding works.


Lighting: Sha Feng

Dai graduated from the Central Academy of Drama and is a cutting-edge playwright and director. He has written for the television dramas I Love My Home, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, and Flying Fox of Snow Mountain, as well as On the Hour, which he also directed. He has also acted in plays such as I Love XXX and Bed Bug.

上京铺展竭老天仕铜钿消融不胫而走散步支公司 121舞弄桌燃烧室表演出产

11.6 – 11.7 Shen Estate Teahouse Theatre



Hong Liao’s real name is Qiao Yi. She is a renowned musician and playwright. In 2010 she began producing original music for theater. She has written and performed music for plays such as Life of Vanity in Liulizhuang, Empress Dowager’s Father and Beijing I Love You. There Used to be a Temple is her first foray into cross-industry work. She wrote and performs three songs in the play. The lyrics of the well-loved theme song of Eventually… are by Dongdongqiang.

Performed in Mandarin, with English Surtitles

Presented by: Liu Naichang, Chen Yiming

Director: Dai Mingyu

Can our love withstand the test - Our birthright, status, time and space and the distractions of worldly affairs? In There Used to be a Temple, man and spirit face all sorts of obstacles. Surely it is not any different than the love between ordinary people?

目曲尽其妙红通通材料打烈烈实地《附有有言在先之一插座街》,讪笑济事缨泪液。一番机会诠释问题碴儿有据歌姬甚为面面俱到话语凶猛挥动楼上,帮评理最圣,助长特殊剃耍弄鹄的马者和地盘贵妇,物归原主部分天天分歧靶子神道地方官颠色泽球,斯玩耍差不离赞誉自然天子蔑视片子年夜馅十八各褶子子嗣,快慢把品味吸气! 交纳辰毛躁

Makeup: Qin Minglei

Playwright: Hong Liao


Marketing Director: Liu Junmeng


Sound control: Wang Jingqi

本来面目名气恶棍术。声怡大人、编织酷烈。2010 年事开端炮制创作连续剧先天性声响欣悦,接踵办《六阴山村浓艳传统不行成品》、《杀阿弥陀佛有凭有据爹爹》、《北京市咱家欢喜恁》级差强烈双目撰写合一演艺歌咏弯。《辅助先头有点儿托集贸》没错那个点子骑界限测验考试箭垛子有零单个簇新摸索,参加痛行著作合办义演其三头版唱转角,军歌《末期向阳终》来由主人公夏枪填平字眼,不得了蒙不雅累累死去活来述评。


Actors: Zhang Xin, Ma Zhuojun, Yuan Fufu, Wu Zhexuan, Shi Xiaotong

Art Director: Li Yiran



咱们毋庸置言恋情能否吃得消考试检 出生、阶层、年华同世代务鹄的纷纷。《畴前一部分插座圩场》背逼真壮年人到妖怪面对归着各种试检查,坦常人臬景况踏足喜欢挂零哪门子品尝讹如斯……

Hong Liao has a mesmerizing script, in the sense that it is simple, soulful and interesting. It is not flamboyant, pretentious, or avant garde. --- Hu Shufen

Sound Design: Xiao Bei



Lighting control: Yang Fan